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Author: David Borschewski

Changeover of end-of-life evaluation for DGNB certification

Dear Generis users,

in the future, the DGNB will require the separation of life cycle modules C and D for the DGNB-relevant indicators as part of the certification process. The modules C3 and C4 – for the DGNB relevant indicators – should still be combined. Generis is also affected by this change by providing the evaluation templates for DGNB certification.

Currently, there is a transition period that is not defined more precisely, during which the old evaluation with aggregated module C and D will also be accepted. You can therefore still use the existing templates for submission for the time being, and these will also still be accepted. If you receive any other feedback from the DGNB in this regard, please refer to the agreement between the Generis development team of the Fraunhofer IBP and the DGNB.

We are already working on the new templates and will inform you again as soon as they are available.

Picture: © image4you/pixabay

GENERIS® online seminar 2021

The use of product- or manufacturer-specific data sets can be advantageous in the certification process. In addition to the – mainly generic – data sets of Ökobaudat, environmental product declarations can also be used in Generis. How environmental product declarations are created, where they can be found and how they can be used in Generis is described in this year’s online seminar.

The use phase also plays a crucial role in the balancing of buildings, so we will also take a look at the mapping of photovoltaic systems and show what special features need to be considered when balancing heat pumps.

The online seminar will take place on Thursday, 16 December at 15:00 and will last about 45 minutes. Users with the “Single” level or higher have already received the participation link in a separate e-mail.

We look forward to your participation.

GENERIS® is here!

After the development we can now present GENERIS®, the successor of SBS Building Sustainability. The user interface has been made simpler and more intuitive, and the structures and databases have also been revised in the background. This enables new operating elements, such as a direct search function during design creation and other extensive functionalities. We will continue to develop additional functions and provide the latest versions of ÖKOBAUDAT and user profiles of the certification systems DGNB, BNB and BREEAM.

All user accounts and projects from have been backed up and can be migrated to GENERIS® upon request. Please contact for this purpose.

Along with the relaunch, we are introducing a four-tier licensing model (see ). GENERIS® can still be used with the core functions and a standard evaluation scheme without any restrictions. Depending on the level, paying users receive extended evaluation schemes (for example DGNB, BNB or BREEAM), extended support and access to the research network. More information is available on this homepage.


The and websites will be permanently offline after a transition period. Please use this link to GENERIS® in the future.