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is a user-oriented web software for the creation
of individual and consistent building life cycle assessments“

The application is user-oriented – GENERIS®

… allows modeling of buildings of different construction forms (wood, concrete, etc.)

… is extendable with specific databases and environmental product declarations

… can modularly map different energy systems for buildings (gas, oil, heat pump, etc.,)

… allows simple and intuitive operation for the user

… provides clear results (e.g. global warming potential) for production, use & end of life

… Based on reliable official data sources (e.g. Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI)).

GENERIS® achieves maximum possible score by BRE Global

We are pleased to report that GENERIS® software scored the maximum possible verified score in BRE Global’s review of the tool. This was confirmed as part of a review of the relevant BREEAM programs for Generis.

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is a certification system for sustainable construction. BREEAM awards a seal of approval according to a points system in various assessment categories. The criteria in the points system take into account impacts at global, regional, local and indoor levels. BREEAM takes the entire life cycle into account. According to BRE Global, this result indicates the status of the review, but is not an indication to use this tool.

The GENERIS® research network- Sharing unique knowledge

The research network sees itself as an extended circle of users of the GENERIS® software and promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience between different players along the value chain in sustainable construction. With the GENERIS® Research Network, we provide an exchange platform to discuss current topics and future trends in the field of sustainable construction with the participants, to identify current needs and to initiate possible solutions. Membership in the research network is part of the “multi-user license” of the GENERIS® software, i.e. in addition to access to all functions of the GENERIS® software, the research network is available to users as an exchange platform.

The topics of the research network include:

  • Discussion platform for topic-specific exchange between industry and research
  • Participation in the further development of GENERIS®
  • Value chain network of partners across all phases of the life cycle
  • Events with keynote speeches on current topics and developments
  • Professional support as competence enhancement on individual topics
  • Discussion of user-specific topics