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Here you will find answers to your questions about your Generis®-Software


Who is behind GENERIS® ?

GENERIS® is developed and distributed by the department “Life Cycle Engineering” of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. The department can draw on over 30 years of experience in life cycle assessment and the entire expertise of the Fraunhofer network.

How can I get in touch?

To contact us, please use the contact form on the homepage. Your request will be forwarded to several colleagues and we will try to process your request as soon as possible.

Project data

How and where is the GENERIS® data stored and backed up?

The data is stored at AWS RDS (Amazon Web Services Relational Database Service). Every night, a snapshot is backed up in a so-called backup window. From each of these snapshots can be restored. After some time, the snapshots are automatically deleted by AWS. In addition, we create a local copy of the database every week.

Is there a possibility to create a local project backup?

Local backups cannot be created by users at the moment. However, the foundations for this have been created in the form of a JSON interface, so that development is possible if required.

How long is the project data stored?

Currently, we store the data as long as the corresponding account is active. However, should a limitation become necessary due to limited storage capacity or corresponding usage, we retain the right to introduce a limit. Of course, we will inform all users with appropriate advance notice. However, this restriction is not necessary at least in the medium term.

Is there a limit to the number of projects?

There is currently no limit, but we retain the right to take measures as well for the reasons stated, should this become necessary (see explanations above regarding the storage period)


How can I use GENERIS®?

In order to use GENERIS®, you must create a free account. After registration, the functionalities of the free account are available to you.

What are the license levels?

GENERIS® is offered in 4 license levels, which differ in functions, evaluation schemes and support options. Further information and a function overview can be found here.

What email address do I need to provide when purchasing?

When purchasing, the email address of the Generis account for which the license is to be purchased must be entered. If a floating single license is purchased, the other logins can be created in the administration area of this account.

What does GENERIS® cost ?

In general, GENERIS® can be used free of charge with a limited range of functions. Additional functions and evaluation schemes can be purchased in different license levels.

Where can I buy GENERIS®?

GENERIS® can be purchased via the Fraunhofer IRB website. First, however, a free GENERIS® the email address used must be entered during the purchase process. After the purchase, the ordered license level will be activated automatically. Here you can create a free account.

Which databases can be used in GENERIS®?

Various versions of ÖKOBAUDAT and ESUCO are integrated into GENERIS®. Members of the research network are additionally provided with research databases.

Can I use my GaBi3 account?

You can continue to edit all projects in GENERIS® with immediate effect. Simply log in with your existing login data at

Can I use my old SBS online tool account?

All user accounts and projects from have been backed up and can be migrated to GENERIS® upon request. Please contact for this purpose.

Can the 5 floating single licenses work simultaneously in the same project?

A project can only be edited by one user (he acquires a lock on it). Other users can then only open the project “reading”. If you want to work together for a project, then you can create constructions in your own catalog, which goes through many users at the same time and then copy them into the project.

How can logins be created in the Floating Single license?

In the “Organization” tab under the “Account” menu item, you can create up to 5 logins in the floating single license and use GENERIS® simultaneously.


How does… work?
The manual explains the controls and functions of GENERIS® with pictures. In addition, there are a number of video tutorials that can be viewed here. Both the manual and the tutorials are regularly revised and expanded.
What does “team function” mean?
With the team function, you receive a total of 5 licenses (individual logins) to GENERIS®, which can be used simultaneously. In addition, projects can be shared within the organization and edited by different users.
What does “migration of projects / database upgrade” mean?
For projects created on the basis of an older ÖKOBAUDAT, the database can be subsequently updated to the next newer version. This step can be repeated until the project is based on the latest version of the database.
How does the BIM interface work?

Generis has an IFCXML interface based on the approach developed in the BIM2LCA4IP research project ( This can be prepared and made available for users with a multi-user license (preparation and adaptation is not part of the license fees but is agreed separately).

Are there interfaces to other programs?

Currently, there is no dedicated interface to other software tools, e.g. in the area of EnEV or LCA. However, with the IFCXML interface GENERIS® has a basic requirement for exchange. We are working on expanding this interface and enabling exchange with other software tools.

How to move component layers within a construction?

The order of the layers can be unlocked via the icon with the crossed arrows and the layers can then be changed at the bottom via drag & drop.

Auswertung und Zertifizierung

Can I create new evaluations according to DGNB with a free license?

No, the creation of evaluations based on the DGNB template is included in the license level “Single”. Free users can only use the standard evaluation scheme (SBS).

Can projects registered with the DGNB continue to be created and evaluated free of charge?

As a “Free” user, you can of course continue to create and evaluate projects. Although the DGNB template is not directly available to you, our standard evaluation scheme contains the necessary information for a submission.

Is a GENERIS® life cycle assessment directly recognized for a BNB certification?

In principle, yes. GENERIS® can also be used to create a BNB-compliant evaluation, which must then be transferred by the user to the BNB form.

Research Network

What is the research network?
In order to bring approaches and possible solutions from the field of life cycle analysis to companies, the GENERIS® research network is currently being set up, which serves as an exchange platform between the industrial and research partners involved. In this way, sustainability issues, innovative concepts and ideas as well as proven solutions are developed, discussed and exchanged among the participating partners. The findings and data generated are made available to the members of the research network via special research databases in GENERIS® and can be used further.
How do I become a partner in the research network?
If you are interested in a partnership in our network, please write to us at “” or use the contact form on the homepage. We look forward to working with you in the future!